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Long Beach
Cellevate is located by the beautiful marina district of Long beach.

Cellevate is a community-based wellness center offering plunge pools, sauna, breathwork, movement, health coaching, somatic therapy, biohacking equipment, and more. The facility features state-of-the-art hot and cold plunge pools, a large infrared sauna, and a studio room  all set in an immersive environment where guests can optimize their mental and physical health together with community.

Plunge Pools / Infrared Sauna
Breathwork / Movement / Biohacking
Health Coaching / Somatic Therapy

An extensive range of sustainably sourced materials were selected for this project. Rockfon acoustic ceiling tiles were selected as they are a naturally sourced sustainable alternative to traditional acoustic tiles. Rockfon ceiling tiles are derived from volcanic rock that is heated to liquid form and spun into stone wool. The use of a VOC free product helps to ensure a healthier interior environment for users over the lifetime of the building.


The existing structure contained a large skylight on the mezzanine, we chose to keep and repair the skylight. The existing feature was integrated into the new design to allow natural sunlight to spill into the open mezzanine. This feature reduces the use of lighting required for the space, in turn reducing the amount of power used over the lifetime of the building.  
The existing building façade required some minor branding alterations, however the existing façade conditions were revitalized and maintained to reduce the need for new exterior materials. Through the minimization of unnecessary material replacement and intervention, we were able to reduce the amount of embodied C02 added to the building.


The layout of the existing structure was not conducive to the proposed building program and did not comply with current ADA regulations.


We worked closely with the client to entirely redesign the interior layout of the structure to ensure it meets the needs of Cellevate clientele. It is essential that Cellevate’s immersive experience is accessible to everyone, we integrated ADA regulations into core design features to ensure an enriching experience for every user.

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