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Green Facility Gets Green Light - Environ's AES Design Approved

In early 2017, Environ was approached by AES Corporation's Director of Sustainability, Stephen O'Kane to come up with a facade design for its facility in Los Alamitos. The Alamitos Energy Center will replace its existing plant with a modernized facility.

The proposed modernization will include a replacement of their current water-cooled generators with air-cooled gas turbines, and three 300-megawatt battery buildings for which Environ designed the facades. The new plant will provide system stability by delivering reactive power, voltage support and frequency stability. It's a step forward in support of California's green energy goals. 

In collaboration with AES's Stephen O'Kane, the Environ team developed a look that nods to the facility's purpose.

Senior Architect Leticia Mimila explains, "The design concept is inspired by what is happening inside the facility. A building that is creating a battery based energy storage alternative to traditional peaking facilities, the AES facility is one that is cutting edge and focused on energy performance and sustainability. The proposed design features exactly that. Adaptive to the ever-changing environment, the building’s kinetic facade is composed of aluminum composite panels that create a rainscreen system to ensure thermal performance and energy efficiencies that are both beneficial to the owner and the environment. Additionally, the building’s extended roof feature gestures as though “reaching out” to the city in which it provides its energy and power. Translating the movement, kinetic function and energy of the AES Alamitos Energy Center’s building is the very essence behind the concepts in the proposed design aesthetic."

On August 3, 2017 AES and Environ presented the proposed design to the City of Long Beach's Planning Commission and the design was approved.

We are excited to be a part of such an improvement, not only for its curb appeal, but also for the positive impact this green energy plant will have on the environment and its people. 

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