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Environ July 2017 Newsletter


The City of South Gate has engaged Environ Architecture to assist in the restoration of the historical landmark known as Seaborg House. Its notable distinction is due to its famous resident Glenn T. Seaborg.

Glenn Seaborg was a Nobel Prize winning Chemist, famous for the discovery of ten transuranium elements, including plutonium. He was a member of the Manhattan Project and is one of a few scientists joining Einstein and Fermi to have a periodic element named after him while still living (Seaborgium). He was a Professor at UC Berkeley, Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission and advised many of our country's Presidents on nuclear policy.

Environ's Alan Burks and Leticia Mimila are working with City of South Gate's Paul Adams to coordinate the restoration of the significant building. The Seaborg House was moved from its original location on San Antonio to behind the South Gate Museum, where it has sat boarded up until now. It will be moved to a permanent site along Glenn T. Seaborg Way at the south side of City Hall, where it can be viewed and appreciated by the public.


We are excited to announce that the design of Mental Health America at 1955-1965 Long Beach Boulevard has resumed. Groundbreaking is expected in August.

Due to the expansion of scope to include The Village, a program that helps homeless clients integrate back into society, Environ has revamped their design to encompass this service in addition to the other administrative functions MHA's new location will house. The new facilities will also include a medical clinic, counseling, job placement, laundry and shower facilities. A restaurant within the building will activate the street. Below are renderings of the proposed project.


Congratulations to Environ's Monique Blais-Algie for passing the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) exam!

The strenuous exam focuses on seven specific areas: building systems, codes, construction standards, contract administration, design application, professional practice and project coordination. To become eligible to sit for the exam, Monique had to have her degree in Interior Design from an accredited program, a minimum number of hours of qualified interior design experience, and letters of reference from licensed professionals in the architecture and design industry.  With a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design and over fifteen years' experience, Monique was more than qualified to take the test.

The NCIDQ distinction along with her LEED Green Associate credentials, makes Monique a valued asset to Environ.

The Environ team celebrates Monique's NCIDQ certification at Fuego.
The Environ team celebrates Monique's NCIDQ certification at Fuego.


Recent notable industrial projects have come across Environ's boards, which have been keeping the studio creatively charged. An RV / Boat storage facility will be transformed into an indoor storage facility. On another project, Environ will be transforming a 1930's era brick warehouse into a creative office space / testing and light manufacturing facility for the new owners.

Senior Architect Leticia Mimila says, "When we work on a project in which our client intends to operate both office, testing and manufacturing, we want the design to flow seamlessly from beginning to end. Each work type has different needs. The challenge is to make the space function for each department and to create a cohesiveness in design and aesthetics throughout."


This week many Americans experienced the sights and sounds of fireworks. Did you know the use of fireworks originated in Ancient China and were typically used to ward off evil spirits? Since then, fireworks have primarily been used in celebrations by many cultures all over the world.

Each burst of color is generated by a unique recipe. The chart below shows the different elements that create the beautiful explosions (don't try this at home).

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