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As a full service architecture, design and branding agency we are unfailingly dedicated each day to develop and deliver uniquely inspired and well informed solutions.   


While the solid standards of architecture and design are always at the foundation of our work, we consistently strive to incorporate the best contemporary ideas of our time, not only in spaces where individuals live and work, but in the greater community and urban environments where cities are challenged each day with enriching and supporting people's lives at every level. Our CityWorks program is an example of this focused dedication.


Today we also know that being true to a client's brand and culture has never been more imperative.  So from  the very beginning of assignments, we work diligently to understand  the essentials of how the company or organization wants to be seen and ensure that every step of our development, and ultimately the final project results, serve to further strengthen who they are and what they can become.­­­­­­­­­­­ 


Every project starts with a partnership. It's a joining of goals, a crafting of ideas, with the common intention of expressing our client's brand throughout each design element.

Through collaboration, the ultimate mission is to reflect our client's identity. Every organization is different, and has unique requirements. It is our job to arrive at the most appropriate design for each project.

Environ donates time for Within Arms Reach


A successful project begins with truly understanding our client's needs. What do they do? How do they work? Once we gain insight on a firm's function, feel and philosophy, we can develop a customized solution.


Though we acknowledge and respect what's been done in the past,  we always explore new methods and ideas for improvement. We do this through thought-mining of our diverse and talented team. This investigation is the cornerstone of innovation.


Our people and environments thrive. When people work in spaces that inspire and encourage creativity, productivity increases, businesses excel and the people in them do too. We strive to create environments that are innovative and encourage collaboration.

Appropriate design results in functional spaces that nurture productive employees with an overall sense of well-being.


An environment in which people can thrive is crucial to the health, happiness and productivity of not only employees, but also the extended community. As such, Environ believes in community involvement. We donate time and money to many local charities and participate in a multitude of programs to help those in need.


To create timeless designs that inspire and enlighten all

who encounter them – Designs that improve the quality of life and prosperity

of our clients and the communities they serve.

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